Northeastern University College Democrats Virtual Interview


To whom this may concern, 

I hope this post finds you well. The Northeastern University College Democrats are reaching out to you and your campaign because you are running to become the Democratic nominee to represent Massachusetts' 4th District in Congress in this 2020 election cycle. 

As a candidate in a widely contested Congressional district in Massachusetts, we want to take the time to get to know you, your campaign platform, and your specific policy positions. Thus, we would like to host a one-on-one video interview with you to distribute on social media and other communication channels to convey where you stand and why you believe you are the strongest Democratic candidate in the race to represent MA-04 in Congress. 

This interview would feature questions submitted by members of our club and the larger Northeastern student body. One of our executive board members will conduct the interview with you, and we will share the recording of your answers to our members and the student body at large to better inform them on your candidacy and why you believe you will best fit the role of MA-04’s next representative. 

We are already gathering questions from our members right now and excited to foster strong student engagement with this race, starting through this politically-engaging remote opportunity! If your campaign is willing to participate, please respond by sending an email to with your scheduling availability throughout the next two weeks, and we will be sending out further details to arrange a meeting time very soon. Thank you for your consideration, best of luck with your campaigning, and we hope to be talking more with you all soon! 

Best regards, 

Northeastern University College Democrats