Get Involved

If democracy is important to you and you would like to make a difference then now is the time to step forward.  We are always happy to welcome new volunteers...

We have many tasks for our volunteers, some are more involved and time consuming than others.  As little as 30 minutes a week can make a big difference.  Tasks include...

  • Fundraising.  You don't have to sign up to do this, just send people to this web site or Act Blue.
  • Collecting nomination signatures
  • Hosting Herb for a meet-and-greet
  • Finding other volunteers
  • Canvassing
  • Organizing Traditional media
  • Organizing New media
  • Managing the campaign in your town

We will be organizing the campaign differently than most do.  Most campaigns treat volunteers as interchangeable parts in a large machine and run you around hither and yon based on the current whim.  We will give you a small area near your home and you will own it from when you sign up until the primary election.

To sign up to volunteer, either make a $3 donation to the campaign or create an account on this web site.

Herb Robinson for Congress will never pass on your personal information to third parties.