My overriding principles are:

  1. I will put the country's interests before my party or myself.
  2. Where possible, I prefer simple frameworks that enable something to happen and set goals rather than massive bodies of regulations. 
  3. I will not support any legislation that foists unfunded mandates on state, city and town governments.  No matter how wonderful or compelling the legislation may be, our state and local governments are nearly bankrupt, now.  They can't handle anything else.

My top priorities are:

The Pledge

Typical representatives in Congress spend more than half of their time fundraising.  It's no wonder they don't get anything done.  I cannot, in good conscience, accept a job where I only spend half my time actually doing the job -- I pledge to spend no more than 100 hours per year fundraising.  I'm trying to start something here: You can vote for the pledge right now, by making a $5 donation to my campaign.

The Green New Deal

We are now facing an existential crisis that has been called "Global Warming".  We have now reached the point where we have to call this "Climate Emergency". 

Eight years ago, I said we needed an "all hands on deck policy" to radically reduce our use of fossil fuels, combat global warming, reduce pollution, create jobs, fix the economy and improve our security.  These days, we are calling it the Green New Deal. 

Protect Our Democracy

Our democracy has been under assault from many fronts:  Vladimir Putin and the Russian oligarchs are using social media to create chaos in out elections; the Chinese Communist Party is trying buy our democracy;  And spoiled, incompetent,  rich children are using inherited money and influence to buy their way into office. 

Overall caveat:  I will be just one member of the House if I am elected.  That doesn't mean I will be able to get these policies enacted as is.  The Issues information is here to give you an idea of what I believe in and what I will negotiate and/or vote to accomplish.